I’ve directed two feature films, BLACK SHEEP and UNDER THE MOUNTAIN, both of which I’ve written or co-written. I’ve also co-written another, and written and directed a couple of short films and a whole bunch of music videos. I’m currently in post-production on a new feature film, called REALITi.

Black Sheep

BLACK SHEEP was the first film I wrote and directed. It was released in the UK and Australasia by Icon and in the USA by Dimension and IFC.
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Under the Mountain

UNDER THE MOUNTAIN was the second film I directed. Matthew Grainger and I wrote it, based on the book by Maurice Gee. It was released in New Zealand by Disney and the USA by Lionsgate.
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CHOGAR was the short film I made before my first feature, Black Sheep. It stars Ian Hughes, and was shot in Wellington's green belt. You can watch it here.
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The Tattooist

THE TATTOOIST was written by me and Matthew Grainger. It was directed Peter Burger and produced by Robin Scholes. It was released in New Zealand by Buena Vista International and in the USA through Sam Raimi's Ghosthouse.
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